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Birdiquette Guide

Page history last edited by johanna hatlestad 12 years, 4 months ago

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The visitors and inhabitants of the Odd Bird Planet and the Kingdom of Odd hail from many countries and cultures. Treating others with respect is of utmost importance in this online collaborative community.


Of course, despite the silliness, it is expected that you will use common sense as you participate in this wiki. If there are some common sense items that you feel are missing from this list, please add them.


Here are some birdy good manners to keep in mind.


  • Assume good intentions from all contributors. There's nothing here that can't be fixed.
  • Treat others as you would have them treat you. Even the new people. We were all new at one time.
  • Feel free to contribute. But please make sure your contribution has something to do with justjohanna's Odd Bird Planet or rubber stamping.
  • Keep it clean. We hope this community of content is something that all ages can enjoy.
  • If you notice a minor inconsistency, please just fix it. 
  • If you notice a major inconsistency, please note the inconsistency in the Confusing Pages discussion. The original author should be given the opportunity to modify the content to resolve the inconsistency.
  • When authoring a new page of content, it doesn't hurt to run a search for all links to the item you are editing. This will help avoid creating Confusing Pages in the first place.
  • If you are editing a page and change your mind, please make sure you click "cancel" to release your lock on the page.
  • If you create a new topic, please link it to existing content so it doesn't get lost.
  • A wiki (this is a wiki) is by nature collaborative. We create it together, and everyone contributes in a spirit of mutual cooperation. If someone starts a page, please don't obliterate the author's original content without a discussion. It's encouraged for you to talk to one another and work together.



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