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Chinese New Year Sale 2008

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Our 2009 Chinese New Year Sale will be held the week prior to Chinese New Year, from January 16, 2009, through January 23, 2009. (Yeah, we know we named this page with 2008 - but we didn't want to change the name and break the link from the newsletter.)


During the sale, select items in the online store will be marked down. The Limited Edition Fairytale kits will be 20% off, and select stamps will be 25% off. No coupon codes needed. The sale is applicable to in-stock items only. The 25% discount will be for both mounted and unmounted stamps. For some images, we have more wood mounted stamps in stock than unmounteds. If something you order is out of stock (because of mounted vs. unmounted selection, or because of incorrect inventory counts), we will contact you with alternatives.


Please note that if you select the unmounted option for sale items, your shopping cart will show an incorrect price, which we will adjust manually on your invoice paperwork.


In the online store, to quickly locate a particular item from the sale list, you can simply type the catalog number into the search field. You must include both the number portion and the letter portion of the item. Once you type in the number/letter combination, click the "Go" button next to the search field, and you'll be taken directly to that item in the online store.


Since there is not a simple way to search and view all "sale" items in the online store, a list of sale items has been provided here for your convenience. We've also noted whether our current stock is primarily mounted or unmounted. Unmounted stamps can easily be turned into mounted stamps.


While you're shopping, don't forget to visit the "discontinued" section of the online store for stamps that are 40% off! And if you're not sure what to select, we'll be posting lots of inspirational samples on my blog and our DT members' blogs, as well as in our Odd Bird Planet Gallery.


Happy New Year and Happy Shopping!


cheers 431BB wood
Fairytale, Limited Edition Kit KIT-Fairytale n/a
fairy chicklet left 1086AA wood
enjoy 720BB wood
simone left (218C) 1865C unmounted
al with wig right owl 1056A wood
four-petal flower (27AA) 1657AA unmounted
picket-ish fence 539D wood
auntie stu left 305B wood
owl-berta little owl 1013AA wood
babycakes (332C) 1768C unmounted
heart (39AA) 1718AA unmounted
little prince (228D) 1770D unmounted
little princess (239E) 1754E unmounted
claudette bird left (272E) 1867E unmounted
lafitte pirate bird left (29BB) 1669B unmounted
owl-fred little owl 1006AA wood
auntie stu right 304B wood
graveyard gala (504E) 1678E unmounted
tall crown (43BB) 1753BB unmounted
birdhouse cottage (121A) 1727A unmounted
desmond squeaker bird left 936C wood
happy halloween (499F) 1677F unmounted
best witches (521C) 1676C unmounted
madricaine owl 1396B wood
make a wish 614C wood
stump (88D) 1695D unmounted
birdhouse double decker (119C) 1728C unmounted
branch right (71C) 1745C unmounted
claudette bird right (271E) 1864E unmounted
rag doll unicorn right 1109J wood
believe 1861BB unmounted
candace left (68C) 1866C unmounted
hi (jj mix) 996A wood
think pink (pb) 1758A unmounted
boy o boy (pb) 1759B unmounted
cathrine's pine branch corner left 1837F unmounted
cathrine's sapling branch 1827BB unmounted
dianne's super sylvie left 1681B unmounted
dianne's super sylvie right 1680B unmounted
emilia's mushroom chair left 1711B unmounted
just born 1777A unmounted
kelly's baby booties 1796BB unmounted
kelly's curly neck bottle 1634F unmounted
kelly's evil bee left 1633AA unmounted
kelly's girlie diaper 1810BB unmounted
kelly's gnome-brella right 1719BB unmounted
kelly's stork left 1815K unmounted
kelly's striped bug left 1748AA unmounted
kelly's striped bug right 1747AA unmounted
kelly's witch bird left 1664E unmounted
little one (pb) 1755B unmounted
noel's morse code stitch 1858G unmounted
tim's one-eyed bat 1673A unmounted
cathrine's flower box 1831BB unmounted
cathrine's rake 1829A unmounted
cathrine's sapling 1828C unmounted
dianne's vampire claire right 1682H unmounted
eat paste 1764AA unmounted
flower power (29A) 1819AA unmounted
geboren (dutch: born) 1774BB unmounted
het is een jongen (dutch: it's a boy) 1781C unmounted
het is een meisje (dutch: it's a girl) 1780C unmounted
irene's strange surf head owl 1598B unmounted
irene's wobbly owl 1591B unmounted
it's a girl (whimsy) 1778A unmounted
kelly's baby bundle 1791D unmounted
kelly's baby ouch paste 1787C unmounted
kelly's baby stroller left 1818H unmounted
kelly's bundled baby bird 1821D unmounted
kelly's desmond squeaker bird right large 935C unmounted
kelly's evil bee right 1632AA unmounted
kelly's eyeball 1671BB unmounted
kelly's fly left 1637AA unmounted
kelly's fly right 1636AA unmounted
kelly's franken-mouse right 1608BB unmounted
kelly's garbage 1651H unmounted
kelly's lightning bug left 1744AA unmounted
kelly's paste jar 1784BB unmounted
kelly's spider web in square frame 1655C unmounted
kelly's tombstone 1646D unmounted
kelly's toy car left 1789BB unmounted
kelly's toy duckie left large 1807A unmounted
kelly's toy duckie right large 1806A unmounted
laura's owl 1580A unmounted
my guy 1631BB unmounted
noel's knotted stitch 1860H unmounted
pirate chicklet left 785AA wood
teresa's michou's boyfriend owl 1612A unmounted
welkom (dutch: welcome) 1771BB unmounted
welkom baby (dutch: welcome baby) 1775BB unmounted
babies suck 1767BB unmounted
birdhouse a frame (103C) 1751C unmounted
cathrine's bow 1795AA unmounted
cathrine's mushroom corner left 1854G unmounted
cathrine's skinny mushroom right 1836BB unmounted
dianne's pumpkin claire flamingo right 1685I unmounted
dianne's vampire claire flamingo left 1683H unmounted
emilia's mushroom chair right 1712B unmounted
fish skeleton 1618AA wood
franken-mouse left 1609BB unmounted
irene's excellent eyebrow owl 1592B unmounted
irene's nature lover owl 1593C unmounted
irene's rat-a-tat-tat owl 1599B unmounted
kelly's baby binky and rattle 1785B unmounted
kelly's baby blocks 1790C unmounted
kelly's double raindrops 1750A unmounted
kelly's gnome-brella left 1720BB unmounted
kelly's heart spider web 1665M unmounted
kelly's ink and quill 1674E unmounted
kelly's ladybug trio 1749A unmounted
kelly's lightning bug right 1743AA unmounted
kelly's spider web swag 1654F unmounted
kelly's stork right 1814K unmounted
lil' pumpkin 1629D unmounted
slaap kindje slaap (dutch: sleep baby sleep) 1773A unmounted
stinker 1766BB unmounted
teresa's muttonchops owl 1604BB unmounted
tim's bat outline 1617C unmounted
tricky priscilla cat (399I) 1668I unmounted
veel geluk (dutch: good luck) 1772A unmounted
waves 1621M wood
we're buying blue 1762D unmounted
we're buying pink 1761D unmounted
bride chicklet left 807AA wood
cathrine's gnome sized leaf pile 1830BB unmounted
cathrine's gnome sized pumpkin 1833AA unmounted
cathrine's leafy umbrella left 1850A unmounted
dianne's neville's girlfriend owl 1584E unmounted
fishbowl cauldron toysack 1624F wood
irene's edgy owl 1595B unmounted
irene's pebble owl 1590B unmounted
it's a boy (pb) 1756A unmounted
it's a boy (whimsy) 1779A unmounted
kaylea's space owl 1585G unmounted
kelly's baby boy diaper 1811A unmounted
kelly's baby pram left 1794K unmounted
kelly's blueberry gnome flag 1739G unmounted
kelly's gnome girl left 1709E unmounted
kelly's hedge 1700A unmounted
kelly's stroller right 1817H unmounted
kelly's witch bird right 1663E unmounted
let's find some shade 1698G unmounted
minion owl 1603BB unmounted
noel's straight stitch 1863G unmounted
strawberry row 893J wood
stuck on you 1635D unmounted
yum (whimsy) (508AA) 1656AA unmounted
apple 1693A unmounted
cathrine's mushroom corner right 1853G unmounted
death by candy corn 1670H unmounted
friend (jj mix) 992G wood
irene's 50s flo owl couple 1582F unmounted
irene's 70s big eye owl 1597C unmounted
irene's sweet eyes owl 1588B unmounted
it's a girl (pb) 1757A unmounted
kelly's bug eyed pumpkin 1660B unmounted
kelly's delivery stork left 1813M unmounted
kelly's gnome baby striped hat right 1704BB unmounted
kelly's gnome man left 1730E unmounted


Added on the 16th:

kelly's polka dot gnome left 1716D    unmounted
kelly's polka dot gnome right 1717D    unmounted
kelly's tall witch bird 1652J    unmounted
priscilla witchy cat 1623I    unmounted
space owl 1525B    mounted
teresa's bag 1610F    unmounted
teresa's vulture right 1615D    unmounted
can we patch things up 1822E    unmounted
cathrine's leafy umbrella right 1849A    unmounted
cathrine's skinny mushroom left 1835BB    unmounted
dianne's pumpkin claire left 1684I    unmounted
fish skeleton 1618AA    unmounted
karrie's big boy owl 1578D    unmounted
kelly's toy car right 1788BB    unmounted
saddled ragdoll pony left large 943H mounted


Added on the 19th:

kelly's graveyard 1645O unmounted
kelly's heart rattle 1816BB unmounted
kelly's jumping sheep left 1801D unmounted
kelly's safety pins 1820D unmounted
long bracket frame 594L mounted
mischief is brewing 1626G unmounted
noel's cross stitch 1862H unmounted
oh the horror 1630E unmounted
thanks 1024A mounted
work van left 1620J unmounted
alma big owl 950A mounted
big scallop circle 1622g unmounted
celebrate 1019B mounted
for you (jj mix) 702F mounted

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