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Crossley and the Blanket Incident

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Crossley Owl and the Blanket Incident

by Tanis

Crossley was upset.  He woke up from his afternoon nap to find that Burt had taken his favourite blanket.  Again.

"That Burt really needs to find something ELSE to keep himself warm", Crossley fumed as he stomped off to find him.

As he wandered aimlessly in search of the stolen blanket, he passed by Jacqueline's nest.

"Oh, hello Crossley!", she sang as she tossed a bag of last season's clothes off her branch.  The bag hit Crossley squarely on the head and burst open.

"Oh, terribly sorry!".  Jacqueline flew down to help poor Crossley out.  And being such a generous bird, she offered Crossley her outdated fashions to use however he saw fit.

"Well.", growled Crossley.  "I supposed if I take this lovely chunky knit sweater, maybe Burt could use it to keep warm instead of stealing my blanket."

And upon receiving the lovely gift of the chunky olive green knit sweater, Burt's perpetual state of chilliness was indeed resolved and Crossley's favorite blanket remained in his nest from that day on.  Which made Crossley just a little less cross after his afternoon naps.


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JenMarie said

at 6:22 am on Jun 16, 2008

Great job! CUTE!

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