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December 2006

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justjohanna Newsletter
news news news!
December 2006
in this issue
-- New Design Team
-- Online Shopping Cart!
-- Updated Pricing & Consolidated Catalog
-- Updated Web Site


Dear Johanna,

There are so many new things going on with justjohanna, I can hardly wait to tell you everything. And the most exciting thing is: there's still more news coming! So read on & enjoy what we have so far, and know that there's more coming soon.

New Design Team
The new justjohanna design team term officially starts on December 1. You can look forward to six months of amazing creativity and inspiration from our team.

Cathrine St. Clair
Cathy Arenzana
Debbie Scheunemann
Emily Gunnell
Godelieve Tijskens
Jennifer Woodward
Kim Frantz
Linda Huie
Michelle Geller
Michelle Guray
Nancy James
Sylvie Baschung
Toni Armstrong

New Design Team

Online Shopping Cart!
In order to make our products more accessible, we've launched a shopping cart. It's now easier than ever to order justjohanna rubber stamps.

You can access the shopping cart directly at: shop.justjohanna .com or you can click on the new "shop" button in the navigation bar of the justjohanna web site.

Online Shopping Cart

Updated Pricing & Consolidated Catalog
We did a review of our price codes and price structure to eliminate inconsistencies. Some prices were raised and some prices were lowered. The online shopping cart reflects these new codes. New pricing goes into effect December 1, 2006.

Our original catalog and supplements will soon be combined into one easy-to-download and easy-to- read file.

Updated Pricing

Updated Web Site
You'll notice a few changes on our web site:

* New home page
* 2 new links: Shopping & Blog
* Updated Design Team bios so you can learn more about the new members
* New online catalog categories
* Updated Design Team galleries with fresh new designs

Updated Web Site

Contact Information
phone: 760.480.8114

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