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Page history last edited by johanna hatlestad 12 years ago


Welcome to the Odd Bird Planet Information Center, our wiki!

This is a real wiki!  Please create pages, invite others to use the wiki, and enjoy these resources. What, you may ask, is a wiki? Check out the wikipedia definition.


The primary purpose of this wiki is to create, collect and share information about the cast of justjohanna's Odd Bird Planet characters. Additionally, it will serve as a repository of other information about the product lines: our artists, designers, releases, publications, articles, and retailers. The wiki is intended to be a fun and creative environment - silliness (and use of the letter "P") is encouraged. Thanks for visiting.



If you are new to justjohanna's imaginary world, the migratory visitor's guide might be handy for general information. And if you're new to our wiki, you might consider browsing the birdiquette guide.















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