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Land of Two Trees

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2 treesLand of Two Trees


Status: Active

Date Introduced: June 2008 


Land of Two Trees is a fabulously fun getaway during the hot summer months.  Although it is visited quite a bit in the winter, it is most popular during the summer when the ponds are nice and warm and the grass is full of colorful flowers.  Migratory birds stop in to have a good time, rest and relax before jetting off to their summer homes just over the hill.  When school is out, your little peeps are sure to enjoy the Bird Bath Water Park, Peck a Hole in It Putt Putt Golf and Flap not Splat Amusement Park.  To order tickets for any of these attractions text TICKETS on your cell phone or order online at obw.landoftwotrees-tickets.obp 


See and Do:

  • Bird Bath Water Park
  • Peck a Hole in It Putt Putt Golf
  • Flap not Splat Amusement Park


2 trees
Land of Two Trees



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