Sentiment Suggestions

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We welcome your sentiment suggestions, and are happy to consider your ideas for future stamp releases.

If you submit a suggestion in a language other than English, please include the English translation.



Suggested By Date Sentiment Status
Mandy Cheshire 4/22/2008 It's all about the cake  
Mandy Cheshire 4/22/2008 Have your cake and eat it too  
Mandy Cheshire 4/22/2008 Friends are the frosting in life  
Mandy Cheshire 4/22/2008 Give me cake or give me death  
Mandy Cheshire 4/22/2008 Life isn't always a cakewalk  
Mandy Cheshire 4/22/2008 You're udderly awesome  
Mandy Cheshire 4/22/2008 Just clowning around  
Mandy Cheshire 4/22/2008 Cows have four stomachs - what's your excuse?  
Kerry Urbatch 4/28/2008 Are you kidding?  
Kerry Urbatch 4/28/2008 ...but seriously...  
Kerry Urbatch 4/28/2008 I'd come closer but your breath stinks!  
Johanna Hatlestad 5/19/2008 Sorry to hear you've been "dragon"  
Johanna Hatlestad 5/19/2008 Fairytale ending  
Johanna Hatlestad 5/19/2008 And they lived happily ever after  
Johanna Hatlestad 5/19/2008 Her majesty  
Johanna Hatlestad 5/19/2008 His majesty  
Johanna Hatlestad 5/19/2008 Congratulations on your new castle  
Johanna Hatlestad 5/19/2008 Feeling burnt out?  
Johanna Hatlestad 5/19/2008 Happy Graduation  
Johanna Hatlestad 5/19/2008 witches brew  
Johanna Hatlestad 5/19/2008 harumph  
Johanna Hatlestad 5/19/2008 to you  
Johanna Hatlestad 5/19/2008 gobliln goodies  
Johanna Hatlestad 5/19/2008 eat drink & be scary  
Johanna Hatlestad 5/19/2008 bun in the oven  
Johanna Hatlestad 5/19/2008  you're never too old for cupcakes  
Johanna Hatlestad 5/19/2008  home on the range  
Johanna Hatlestad 5/19/2008  living well is the best revenge  
Johanna Hatlestad 5/19/2008  olive you  
Johanna Hatlestad 5/19/2008  olive you, too  
Johanna Hatlestad 5/19/2008  make good choices  
Johanna Hatlestad 5/19/2008  rank has its privileges  
Johanna Hatlestad 5/19/2008  a bit of opulence for your new castle  
Johanna Hatlestad 5/19/2008  there are no words  
Johanna Hatlestad 5/19/2008  I heart presents  
Celine Parcaroli 5/19/2008  May your wishes come true "may all your wishes come true" stock #1026F
Noel Huang 5/19/2008  So… how owl are you?  
Noel Huang 5/19/2008  Happy 29th Birthday, again. "you're 29 again?" stock #490F
Noel Huang 5/19/2008 

Mirror, mirror upon the wall, Who is the fairest of all?



Marnie Bushmole 7/31/2008 Owl Be Home For Christmas  



9/3/2008 Beep beep hooray (robots)