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Stamping Mathilda

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Stamping Mathilda 


Godelieve has been working with justjohanna since its inception. In fact, she was in on the sneak preview when we were just beginning to conceptualize the images. She is an extraordinarily talented stamper who lives in Belgium, and we're so lucky to have her on our team! Godelieve maintains a blog, Stamping Mathilda. You can read more about Godelieve (and the rest of the design team members) here.

jj: If you were given a 50% of coupon to your favorite art supply/craft store, what would you use it on and why? (No fine print on the coupon!! It can be good for any one item!!)

Godelieve: I think I would go for Prismacolor pencils. A lot of people seem to love them, and do beautiful coloring with these pencils. Of course, I would need a class too.


jj: Do any of the justjohanna stamps speak to you more than others?

Godelieve: Being a background freak, I love all the stamps you can use to make them; the wavy background, borders, swirls... but tiny stamps too, to combine with larger stamps. I often see the background first when I look at a card. I guess it's a tic I have. 


jj: Describe your last "ah-ha" art moment.

Godelieve: Must have been when I discovered Ecoline inks again. I remember we used them in school, a loooooong time ago. Then I didn't notice them anymore. A few years ago, I thought I would love to incorporate them in my stamping. You can do a lot with them!


jj: What's your best advice for a new stamper?

Godelieve: I would say, get your hands on some smaller stamps, which can be combined in different ways. It will look different every time. 


jj: Name a famous person from art history you would like to sit down and have lunch with. Tell us what you would eat and why you picked this person.

Godelieve: That would be Monet. I really love his paintings, the garden, waterlillies, the weeping willows, the reflections... I think he could talk about color, perception, painting... without having to ask him a lot of questions.

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