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The Land of Lost Luggage

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June 2007 Newsletter - Julie Prichard Interview


I recently sat down with Julie Prichard and asked her some fun questions. Julie designs her projects exclusively for justjohanna and is the new Design Team Coordinator. Julie also maintains a blog, The Land of Lost Luggage. You can read more about Julie (and the rest of the new design team members) here.

jj: If you were given a 50% of coupon to be used in any Craft or Art Supply store, what would you buy and why?

Julie: I love coupons! A fifty percenter is like GOLD to me. Since I am addicted to paints at the moment, I would probably buy a professional set of acrylic paints. (I currently have a deal with my neighbor: I trade homemade baked treats for his coupons. Works like a charm!)


jj: Do any of the justjohanna stamps speak to you more than others?

Julie: For sure. I am a big fan of justjohanna's borders, scrolls and other accent type images. I can always find room for a little justjohanna in every project. On the other hand, I love the birds as well...ohh, shoot. I can't decide!


jj: Describe your last "ah-ha" art moment.

Julie: I was blurfing (blog surfing) the other day and came across a recommendation for a great book about ATCs. The book "Artist Trading Card Workshop" by Bernie Berlin is filled with excellent pictures and instructions for creating so many of the wonderful techniques I have seen online. I can't put it down and am enjoying trying each one!


jj: What's your best advice for a new stamper?

Julie: Well, I still consider myself a new stamper!  I guess the best advice I have is to do what you want to do. Stay true to yourself and if they say it can't e done, then do it anyways. Ha! 

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